UN International Year of Youth

In December 2009, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 12 August 2010 to 12 August 2011 would be the International Year of Youth (IYY). This also coincides with the 25th anniversary of the first International Youth Year proclaimed in 1985.

Launched on International Youth Day 2010, IYY promises to be an exciting year for young people around the world. The official theme of 'Dialogue and Mutual Understanding' will allow people of all ages worldwide to celebrate young people's ingenuity and energy, as well as their contributions to enhancing peace and development. This is also an occasion for the international community and the United Nations System to show their commitment to tackling youth issues and enhancing youth participation in decision-making processes.

For more info on how to get involved and make the most of this year, check out the United Nations Program at the official International Year of Youth website - social.un.org/youthyear/. Find out about IYY events and activities (or add your own), share your opinions and experiences, download resources... and more! (Click on the image on the left to download an official IYY brochure! PDF, 900KB)

The Alliance of Youth CEOs (YMCA, YWCA, WOSM, WAGGGS, IFRCRCS, IAA) represent the world's largest youth movements, with over 100 million young people in over 200 countries. The Alliance members have joined their voices to mark this significant event.

In a joint statement, the Alliance of Youth CEOs stated:

  • Young people bring much-needed skills when working alongside older people in a spirit of mutual respect. This intergenerational transfer of experience is vital to both progress and stability in society.
  • Local youth actions such as peer education to prevent HIV and AIDS, protection of the environment, promotion of gender equality and advocacy for access to education are valuable contributions towards realising the Millennium Development Goals.
  • The values of social inclusion, dialogue, respect for diversity, non-discrimination, non-violence and peace that we promote create an enabling environment for young people to work together in building bridges for the benefit of all people in need.
  • We fully support global advocacy for increased commitment and investment in youth, in particular young women and girls, for further youth participation, intergenerational and interfaith dialogue, and intercultural understanding among all people.
  • We encourage all young people in our member organisations to get together, organise activities and celebrate the International Year of Youth.
  • We call for action of all organisations and institutions in the public and private sector to respect the rights of children and youth, to prevent any form of abuse and to engage actively young people to build a better future.

Click here to read the official joint statement from the Alliance of Youth CEOs.

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