National Adviser Environment

‘A Scout cares for the environment’ will be familiar to all involved in Scouting, as this is one of our Scout Laws. Environmental education, and an appreciation of nature and the great outdoors, form an important part of our Scouting program.
Patrick McCormick was appointed National Adviser Environment in October 2014, while Annette Cook was appointed Assistant National Adviser Environment in November 2014. Patrick was previously an Assistant National Adviser Environment, while Annette is the Victorian Environment Commissioner. 
Scouts Australia has had a National Adviser Environment for over a decade; previous Advisers have included Rod Abson, Gordon Young and Gus Lloyd (with Stephen Kingham and Patrick as his Assistants).

Patrick and Annette work with the Environment Commissioner in each Branch, along with the NYC Environment Representative and other interested members, as the National Environment Team.

Some objectives of the National Environment Team include:
  • Developing and distributing resources for Scout Groups to assist in implementing environmental activities into their programs;
  • Supporting Branch Environment Teams and sharing information across Australia;
  • Promoting Scouts’ contributions to the environment within Australia, internationally and with other organisations;
  • Developing links and partnerships with other suitable environmental organisations;
  • Supporting existing environmental programs such as Landcare, EnviroVent and Clean Up Australia Day in which Scouts are involved;
  • Developing new initiatives that encourage Scouts to take an active interest in the natural world and Australia’s unique environment, ecosystems, plants and animals;
  • Working with trainers to ensure environment and sustainability considerations are embedded in scout training;
  • Encouraging Scouts Australia to embed sustainability and environmental best practice into their programs, operations and events 
  • Contribute to and learn from international Scout environment initiatives.

Much of these activities and developments are supported through the Scouts Australia Environment Program plan, a collaboration of the National Environment Team. 

Scouts Australia would like to know what your Scouts have been involved with, including activities that work towards environmental aspects of their Award Schemes, activities undertaken around your Scout Hall that make it more sustainable, or links you’ve made with other organisations such as Landcare which have been beneficial for your Scout Group.

Please send information and photos about your latest environmental activities, experiences and great programs to Patrick at or share them through the Scouts Australia Environment Program Facebook page.