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Andrew Cooper

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Andrew began Scouting as a Joey Scout at 1st Balwyn, Melbourne, where he went on to become a Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer, Rover and Group Leader, and complete his Scout Medallion and Queen's Scout awards.

He volunteered at Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland for three months, at the age of 18, and 12 months later was offered a two-year role as the Assistant Program Director.

At 22 he returned home and became Group Leader at 1st Balwyn, determined to inject some European style youth leadership into Australian Scouting. The international Scouting experience also allowed Andrew to take up the volunteer position of Assistant International Commissioner with Scouts Australia, a role he held from 2012-2015

"Scouting taught me the basics. The ability to think clearly and practically when approaching a situation. The ability to organise. It might start off as a game, or a patrol activity, but it eventually becomes a weekend away, and finally a contribution to a major international event." Andrew says these skills matter in the job market. He also credits Scouting's diversity, "the ability to work together and communicate with people from all different backgrounds was important growing up - it's vital in our increasingly globalised community."

In between Scouting, Andrew worked to achieve a First Class Honours degree in International Relations from La Trobe University, and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Melbourne, and is now a career officer at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade based in Canberra.