About the World Scout Environment Badge

Small wseb   blue ropesSmall wseb   green ropesSmall wseb   purple ropes

At the centre of the World Scout Environment Badge is Antarctica - the only collectively managed continent in the world and one of the most at risk from climate change. The other landforms create a 'world' image - not showing any one particular continent or country, as Scouts are encouraged to look beyond their own borders and think of the world. The colours of blue, green and white are commonly associated with nature and the purple of World Scouting is blended with these. The Sun which brings life to our world is reflected in the water. 
The World Scout Emblem shows that it is an official badge of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and its inclusion as a registered trademark gives the logo legal protection.
The World Scout Environment Badge is encompassed by a circle of rope which reminds us that we are all connected on this one world. There are three colours of rope, incorporating colours used within the world image, to show the progression made by Scouts as they move through the Sections and advance their appreciation of the environment.
There are three separate badges: 
  • Blue Rope – Joey Scouts & Cub Scouts
  • Green Rope – Scouts
  • Purple Rope – Venturer Scouts & Rover Scouts
The WSEB is a specialist badge therefore it is worn at the base of the right sleeve. A certificate has not been developed to present with the badge.
The World Scout Environment Badge replaces the World Conservation Badge (featuring a panda) which has now been phased out. 
The Scout Shop (www.thescoutsshop.com.au) is the official supplier of the World Scut Environment badge in Australia. Badges are available for order from their website.
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