Scouting and the United Nations

Over time, the World Organisation of the Scout Movement has developed partnerships with a number of United Nations organisations, particularly those related to young people and the environment.

Scouts Australia is pleased to promote these partnerships and is already supporting the UN with its environmental program.

The UN partners can be found on the WOSM website ( under Partners. There are also some ideas in the Youth Program section.

You may like to consider putting your Scouting training and ideals into practice by volunteering to work for a United Nations project overseas. This could provide you with the experience of a lifetime, qualifications in Rover Scouts and the Scouts of the World Award, and perhaps great skills for your future career. It would also support the World Scouts Partnerships program.

While you would be volunteering as an individual, as Scouts Australia generally does not have the resources to provide financial or other support, working for the United Nations is a great way to take your Scouting skills to places where young people are in great need.Normal un volunteers

The United Nations Volunteers website is

Please let us know if you are considering volunteering with the UN by contacting Graeme Fordham, National Project Commissioner - Partnerships, on


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