Scouts Australia Brand Manual, Digital Guidelines & Logos

The Scouts Australia Brand Manual!

Normal brand manualThis booklet is an invaluable resource for every member of Scouts Australia, because every one of us – whether a youth member, adult volunteer, supporter or employee - contributes to Scouts Australia’s ‘brand’. This manual covers Scouts Australia's philosophy, our new brand strategy, and information on how to communicate our brand.

A brand is much more than a logo, slogan or advertisement. Our brand is a collection of experiences and a set of fundamental principles as understood by anyone who comes into contact with Scouts Australia. It is our ‘reason for being’, and ultimately what people expect of us.

Scouts Australia has developed this set of national guidelines to help members understand our brand, inspire members to live up to our brand promise, and help them express our brand consistently and effectively to a wide range of audiences using a wide range of communication methods.

If you follow the guidelines, you will also find that the ‘brand’ will work for you. Ultimately it will help you recruit and retain adult volunteers and youth members for your Group, and this, in turn, will strengthen Scouts Australia as a national organisation.

We have provided an additional set of tools and resources for members below including the Scouts Australia logo, which can be used for any appropriate Scouting purpose.

We encourage all our members to familiarise themselves with Scouts Australia’s brand guidelines, do their best to follow them… and enjoy the benefits!

The Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines are here!

Normal digital guidelines coverWith the revolution of information technology, the Internet has changed the very essence of how we live our lives. More and more Australians are using the Internet for information, social activities, shopping and entertainment. Tablet computers and mobile phones are quickly becoming the major devices used to access the internet in Australia.

In keeping with its motto to 'Be Prepared for New Adventure', Scouts Australia has created some guidelines to help prepare its members, volunteers, supporters and employees for communicating online as well as on their mobile phones. Download the Digital Guidelines today and 'Be Prepared for New Adventure' in the online world and on your mobile phone. 

If you have any queries regarding this material, please email




Normal digital guidelines cover



Normal digital guidelines cover




Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines (Hi-res for print)
Download (PDF, 9.1MB)
Scouts Australia Digital Guidelines (Low-res for viewing online)
Download (PDF, 2.4MB)








Normal brand manual


Wosm logo raster

Scouts australia full logo


Scouts australiabw



Scouts Australia Brand Manual
Download (PDF, 9.2MB)
World Scout Brand Identity Guide
Download (pdf 3.8MB)

Scouts Australia colour logo set
Download (ZIP, 1.5MB)


Scouts Australia black & white logo set
Download (ZIP, 1.5MB)


 Be prepared logo



 Normal be prepared email signature



Small powerpoint templates


 Today's scouts logo
'Be Prepared... for new adventure' logo set
Download (ZIP, 1.65MB)
'Be Prepared... for new adventure' email signature
Download (JPEG, 25KB)
 Scouts Australia PowerPoint Templates Download (ZIP, 5.1MB) 'Today's Scouts' logo set
Download (ZIP, 1MB)
 Rovers australia colour Rovers australia b and w Aqsa logo
Rover Scouts Australia colour logo set
Download (ZIP, 1.5MB)
 Rover Scouts Australia black & white logo set
Download (ZIP, 980KB)
 Australian Queen's Scout Association logo set
Download (ZIP, 1.9MB)


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