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Policy and Rules Latest Update

Scouts Australia has released the most recent update to Policy and Rules.

Policy and Rules, one of the key foundation documents of Scouts Australia, has been updated with some significant and exciting changes for Scouts Australia.

Key amendments approved by the Scouts Australia National Executive Committee, include:

  • An update to the elements of the Scout Method
  • Updates to the Educational Objectives for each Section
  • Revised age ranges
  • New rules for members travelling overseas
  • Eligibility of members to wear the Duke of Edinburgh badge on the Scouts Australia uniform.

Excitingly for Groups, enrolment of 5-year-old Joey Scouts who are in full time formal education can now occur, and 18-year-old members completing Year 12 can hold their transition from Venturer Scouts to Rover Scouts until the completion of Year 12. While some Branches may not immediately be adopting this policy, a selection of Groups have successfully trialled the concept of 5-year-old Joey Scouts. Transition ages for some members will also change.

The revised ages and transition points (in summary) are:

  • Joey Scouts: commence once five (5) years of age and attending full time formal education, progressing following eighth (8) birthday and prior to ninth (9) birthday
  • Cub Scouts: commence at eight (8) years of age, progressing following eleventh (11) birthday and prior to twelfth (12) birthday
  • Scouts: commence at eleven (11) years of age, progressing prior to fifteenth (15) birthday (transition may commence following fourteenth (14) birthday)
  • Venturer Scouts: commence after fourteenth (14) birthday, progressing at eighteen (18) years of age or upon completion of Year 12 (this is a personal choice, with progression to occur at latest with whichever comes second)
  • Rover Scouts: commence after eighteenth (18) birthday and concludes on twenty-sixth (26) birthday

Members should await further instructions and clarification from their Branch regarding the implementation of these changes. Full implementation of this policy should have occurred by the conclusion of January 2019.

Acting Chief Commissioner of Australia, Phil Harrison, emphasises:

Current youth members should not be placed at a disadvantage with these changes, and they have no impact on the age-eligibility criteria already published for the 26th Australian Jamboree (AJ2019).