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Policy & Rules Updates

October 2020 Updates Now Published

Policy and Rules, one of the key foundation documents of Scouts Australia, has been updated with some significant and exciting changes for Scouts Australia.


Published: 30th November 2020

The following change log provides a summary of updates to Policy and Rules. A more detailed change log can be found on page 16 of Policy and Rules.

  • Update for restructure of the NEC
  • Update to “Method of wear of the National Uniform”
  • Update to “Flags”
  • Technology Code of Use Policy linked (New Policy)
  • Update to “Adults in Scouting”
  • Update to “Scouts – State emergency service awareness badge
  • Removal of Rule relating to DFAT registration
  • Change to definition for Young Adults receiving an ARA
  • Changes to Shoulder Tabs criteria
  • Changes to include Mental Health First Aid
  • Updates to reflect changes for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Update all Policies and Rules with new Program Language