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Post Tour


We’re looking in to running a KISC100 Post tour directly after the main contingent.  We’ll be opening up for expressions of interest soon, but for now, here’s our pitch…

What better way to top-off your KISC experience than to explore more of the region with your new-found friends?!

Details are to be confirmed, but we’re looking to run the Post Tour for 6-8 days, with a ‘choose your own adventure’ format, offering a range of completely new experiences to those you will get during the main KISC100 trip.

Keep your eyes out for more information as we pull together the location, cost and activities offered.  You’ll then be able to express your interest in joining the potential Post Tour when you apply for the main KISC100 contingent trip.

We’re excited about what we’re planning, and can’t wait to share these details with you all!