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Support Scouting Through Our Jamboree Appeal

2017 is proving to be a very demanding year for the Lord Baden-Powell Society. With the 25th Australian Jamboree fast approaching, we have been inundated with requests and feedback already. Due to the generosity of our members over recent years, the Management Committee has set a goal to provide Grants to total $200,000 to support youth members attend the 25th Australian Jamboree in January 2019.

This is the highest amount ever offered for any event in the history of the Society and kicks off what will be a big year for the Lord Baden-Powell Society. We hope that our members and supporters will rally to help us in achieving this milestone to assist disadvantaged Scouts across Australia enjoy the life-changing experiences that a Jamboree can provide.

To donate to our Jamboree Appeal contact the Lord Baden-Powell Society on  02 8440 5908 or download the PDF form below.