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An Adult Volunteer

Everyone is welcome to join Scouting, and Scouts Australia offers adults aged 18 years and over a host of rewarding opportunities to help make a difference in young people’s lives.

You’re never too old to join the adventurous life of Scouting, even if you haven’t been involved before.

Adult volunteers are the backbone of Scouting, who care about the guidance and development of the young people as well as the community in which they live.

There are a number of ways adults can get involved in Scouting. You could become:

A Scout Leader responsible for helping to devise and deliver programs that support young people in reaching their potential

A Scout Leader responsible for leading and training our Adult volunteer leaders

Specialist Activity Leaders

A local Scout Group Committee member

A  Supporter lending general assistance or helping to fundraise

A member of a Scouting Fellowship

Becoming a Scout Leader

Scout Leaders are responsible for helping to devise and deliver programs that support young people in reaching their potential.

Not only do Leaders help youth members develop valuable skills in an environment of responsible risk-taking, but they themselves develop a variety of skills in leadership, project management and event planning.

No prior experience is necessary to become a Scout Leader. All Leaders undergo training on all aspects of youth leadership, program planning, safety and other requirements. They are also given resources of program ideas to help them get started.

Leaders are required to attend:

  • Group meetings one night a week during school terms
  • A monthly Leaders meeting
  • Group activities, such as hiking or camping trips, which take place a few weekends during the year

Child safety is very important to Scouts. Therefore, along with training in child safety, adult members must undergo a standard Police check to ensure the safety of our youth members.

Types of Scout Leaders

Leader roles vary through the Sections, as youth members take more responsibility for their activities as they progress in age. Types of Leaders include:

  • Group Leaders – responsible for leading and promoting the Scout Group in the local community and ensuring it operates in accordance with the Policies and Rules and administrative practices of the Association
  • Section Leaders (Joey Scout, Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer Scout) – responsible for the planning and running of exciting, challenging weekly and weekend programs which attract new members to their Section and retain existing ones, attending and running weekly Group meetings during school terms, attending group activities (e.g. hikes or camping trips), attending monthly Leaders meeting, supervising and providing instruction, assistance and testing of youth members in skills appropriate to the program of the section especially in topics and skills of the Award Scheme
  • Assistant Section Leaders – take part in the planning and participate in the running of exciting, challenging weekly and weekend programs which attract new and retain existing members
  • Activity Leaders – Adults who have a certain interest in adventurous activities such as abseiling or water activities have the opportunity to become an Activity Leader. Activity Leaders are responsible for delivering activities, training and support around their specific activity to facilitate a more adventurous Scouting program.
  • Leaders of Adults – are involved in training other adult members of Scouting.

Leader Training

Training and development of adult volunteers is compulsory to ensure that our Leaders have the necessary skills and knowledge to lead young people and other adults. While Leaders don’t need any prerequisite skills or knowledge prior to joining, they must be prepared to undertake our Leader Training.

As in most National Scout Organisations, Scouts Australia operates a Wood Badge Training Program as a system for the training and development of all its Adult Leaders. We also operate the Scouts Australia Institute of Training, a registered training organisation, which offers a wide variety of courses in Leadership, Business, Management and Outdoor Recreation. Through this scheme, your Scouting qualifications can be externally accredited, so they are relevant and recognised in the professional world.

Uniforms and Badges

As an Adult Scout Leader you will need to wear the uniform of Scouts Australia, which is a blue shirt, scarf and belt. You may also be permitted to wear a number of badges you earn such as Leader Recognition Awards, First Aid Badges and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Child Safe Scouting

The number one priority for Scouts Australia is Child Safe Scouting.

  • All Leaders are thoroughly screened, undergo the relevant State checks, and must hold a valid, verified Working with Children check.
  • Adult Leaders receive comprehensive, ongoing training across a range of subjects including leadership, WHS, and child protection.
  • At least one person trained in first aid attends all major events.
  • At least two adults are present at all meetings and events.
  • We will liaise with you to ensure we have the information necessary to cater for your child’s individual medical, physical and dietary requirements.
  • All Scouts Australia Branches have teams of people responsible for child safety who action any concerns that parents or children may have regarding safety.

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To find out more about adult volunteer opportunities near you contact your State Branch by calling 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887) or

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Scouts Australia provides fun youth development activities, building resilient and confident boys and girls aged 5 to 25 in the Joey Scout, Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer Scout and Rover Scout Sections.  We also welcome adult volunteer Scout Leaders.  Scouts has opportunities for the whole family to be involved. Everyone is welcome, and we value the diversity of our members. Find out more about the Section of Scouting that is best for you here.

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