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For Members

Here’s a few links to help you find out more about Scouting resources and opportunities designed to help you get the most out of your Scouting!

Uniforms, Equipment
& Scouting Gifts

The easiest way to obtain your Scout uniform, books, and badges is online through scoutshop.com.au.  Scout Shop is owned by Scouts Australia with proceeds coming back to Scouts Australia and its Branches.  We’ve got a comprehensive range of outdoor clothing and camping gear that has been selected as appropriate to take on your Scouting adventures.  Check out our Scout gift range too!

With free delivery and a quick turnaround, scoutshop.com.au offers the most convenient way to purchase your Scouting needs.

Badge Placements

To find out where to place badges log onto the badge placement charts or visit scoutshop.com.au.   

Online Resources

Scouts Australia has a comprehensive range of digital systems to help your Scouting.

All members will have the ability to log onto Scout Central where you can;

  • Record your badges and track your progress
  • Record the number of kilometres you’ve hiked or nights spent under canvas
  • Plan programs online through a library of program ideas, as well as the ability to share your own ideas with others
  • Mark attendance
  • Find out what Scouting Adventures are available for you
  • Advertise your Scouting Adventures to other Scouts

You’ll also be able to access the hundreds of online training modules available through our online training.

Groups also have access to a free online storage facility Scout Cloud, where you can store Group documents safely, privately, indefinately without the fear of them being lost when Leaders move on.  And it’s all free of charge!

Other online resources can be accessed through resource.scouts.com.au

Can’t logon or having trouble?  Contact your State Branch in the first instance to confirm your logon details.

Training and Qualifications

Did you know that Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts as well as Adult Leaders can achieve nationally recognised qualifications through Scouting?  Scouting could help you start training for a future career even before you have left school!   Check out the information on the Scouts Australia Institute of Training to see what qualifications in Leadership, Business, Management or Outdoor Recreation are available to you.

In some states, Scouting achievements such as your Queen’s Scout Award may also be recognised by some universities for entry purposes.  Contact your State Branch for more information.

Breaking the Cycle of Bullying

Bullying is never ok in Scouting.  We are an inclusive Movement and everyone is welcome and entitled to feel safe and enjoy their Scouting. We have put together some resources to increase awareness about bullying behaviours which you’ll find at the link below.   If you have concerns about bullying in your Scouting, please always contact your Branch.