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Breaking the Cycle

Remember, bullying is not okay no matter what section of our movement you belong to. As Scouts, we support one another, we learn, we are active and explore through educational activities. As we do these activities, we enjoy the many friendships we make in the world wide movement that is Scouting. 


Scouts Australia are proud to be to be an inclusive movement, open to all. In turn, it expects that members will live by the values expressed in the Australian Scout Promise and Law.

One common community issue which Scouts Australia has taken a stance on is zero tolerance of bullying. In 2014, Scouts Australia, funded by the Messengers of Peace fund, ran a campaign called ‘Breaking the Cycle’. Scouts Australia believes that the issue of bullying and harassment needs to be addressed at a program level. As a result of partnerships with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a series of information booklets were compiled to support discussions and activities in each section. This process involved reviewing educational programs to support Scouts Australia in tailoring resources to meet our program needs.

Our aim was to provide training for youth and leaders at every sectional level of Scouting. Templates were created to encourage and support sections to develop Unit Codes on an annual basis. Resource sheets, activities and program links have been outlined in booklets for each section. These have all been based on the ‘previous’ program, with the current program offering opportunities in a number of additional elements in the Program Essentials.

Produced in late 2015, the video also talks through strategies regarding identifying and putting a halt to bullying.


If you, or someone you know, needs support dealing with bullying, please contact your Branch to talk about your concerns.   In addition, there are a number of organisations that offer free advice and services.