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How much does it cost to join Scouting?

The cost of Scouting will be set by your local Group, so its best to contact them directly to find out.  In general a low fee is paid for the year, with additional fees charged as required to cover optional activities such as camps or outings.

How do I find out where my closest Scout Group is and what night they meet?

Go to Join Scouts and click on your State or Territory on our map.  It will take you to the page on your State or Territory Branch website where you’ll find information about your local Scout Group.   Alternatively just ring 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887).

How do I hire a Scout Hall?

Contact your local Scout Group who will let you know if they hire their hall.  Otherwise contact the Scouts Australia Branch office in your State or Territory to find out where your closest Scout Hall is.

Where do I buy a Scout uniform?

Scout uniforms are available from scoutshop.com.au.  Some Scouts Australia Branches also have locations to purchase uniforms.

How safe is Scouting?

Safety is Scouts Australia’s top priority.  We have comprehensive procedures and policies to ensure Scouting is safe for all participants.  All adults who come into contact with youth members require police checks and are fully trained to deliver Scouting safely.  More information can be found at Child Safe Scouting.

I live too far away from any Scout Groups. Can I still be a Scout?

Of course you can!  We have a special group of Scouts called Lones Scouts.  You’ll have a Scout Leader to help you, you’ll get to go on camps, but you’ll also be able to do lots of your Scouting where you live.  Contact your State or Territory Scouts Australia Branch and ask about Lones Scouts.

Is there Scouting on weekends?

Some Groups may offer Scout meetings on weekends, contact your State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia to find out if there is one near you.  Otherwise weekend Scouting activities like outings and camps are optional, so if you can’t make it to weekend activities you can still be a Scout.

Can I just turn up to Scout meetings?

We recommend giving the Leader a call before you intend to come to a Scout meeting, so they can be prepared for you.  Occasionally meetings are held off-site, or the Group is having an outing.  Find out how to best get in touch with your local Scout Group through you State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia.

Are there Scouting School Holiday Programs?

Generally Scouting takes place during school terms, with special camps occasionally held in school holidays.   Some local Groups may offer school holiday activities.  It is best to contact your State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia to find out if there are Scout holiday activities near you.

I'm worried about bullying. What can I do?

Bullying has no place in Scouting and we will take your concerns extremely seriously. We work to prevent it happening in the first place, but if you still have concerns, contact your Scout Leader, or your State or Territory Scouts Australia Branch.

My child has special needs. Can they join Scouting?

Many children with special needs are able to participate in Scouting, and we welcome all enquiries about how we can best accommodate them.   Contact your State or Territory Branch who will put you in touch with the best person to discuss how your child with special needs can join Scouting.

Is Scouting just for boys?

Scouting welcomes all genders to our Sections and as Adult Leaders.

Will it cost to become an adult volunteer?

Generally the Scout Group you join will cover the costs for training you to become an adult volunteer with Scouts.

What do I have to do to become a Leader?

Thanks for asking!  We welcome all adults who wish to become Adult Leaders, and no experience is necessary.   The first step is to speak to your local Group.   If you are new to Scouting, contact your State or Territory Branch who will put you in touch with a Group to suit you.    You will need to undergo a Police Check, and will be required to do some online training, as well as some face to face training.

Usually these costs are covered by your Group.

You will also need to take the Scout Promise, and abide by the Scouts Australia Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

What do Leaders do and how much time is required?

We have a wide range of Leader and Adult Supporter roles.   A Leader of a Section such as a Cub Scout Leader or a Scout Leader will attend regular weekly meetings during term time, some Group and District training and networking meetings, attend training, go on camps and attend outings.

If you can’t commit this amount of time, there are specialist roles such as Activity Leaders, or becoming a member of a Group Committee.

I have some Scout Memorabilia - can I donate it to you?

We get many queries from people who’ve found their grandfather’s old Scouting medal or a faded old photo that probably has a great story behind it. Thankfully most Branches have a dedicated team of volunteers who manage heritage centres in each state or Territory.  Contact your local State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia, and ask to be put in touch with their heritage centre.

I have a dispute within Scouting - what do I do?

If there is a matter that you feel requires some advice or assistance from Scouts Australia, contact your State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia and ask about their dispute resolution or grievance procedures.

Can I do Work for the Dole, Community Volunteering or Corporate Volunteering Through Scouts?

If you wish to volunteer locally, contact your State or Territory Branch of Scouts Australia who can advise you about getting involved.  For nation-wide corporate volunteering programs, contact the National office of Scouts Australia on 02 8440 5900.

How Can I Find Out About Scout Pen-Pals?

To find out more about Scouting Pen-Pals go to http://international.scouts.com.au/programs-in-australia/penpals