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What We Do

Scouting is all about education for life. Our dynamic, challenging and adventurous program equips young people with life skills, such as teamwork and leadership, and gives them the tools to develop into strong, resilient adults and valuable members of the community.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to all our members including the chance to travel interstate and overseas, the chance to earn industry recognised qualifications, and even the chance to perform on a professional stage. Explore some of the opportunities we offer here.

Youth Program

Our Youth Program is at the core of Scouting, ensuring that all youth members participate in activities that help young people achieve their potential and to help them become contributing members of society.

International Opportunities

Scouts Australia is one of 167 worldwide Scouting member organisations of the World Organisation of Scouting.   We have a huge range of opportunities to travel overseas, and around 1,400 members travel to international Scouting events each year.   An international Scouting event is truly a unique experience! We also have student exchanges, an international pen-pal program, and opportunities to be part of international aid and development projects.

National Events

Ever heard of a Jamboree?  A Venture? A Moot?

Scouts Australia has had over 100 years of experience organising giant outdoor camping adventures for up to 10,000 people!  Our National Events take place all over Australia and are a wonderful way for young people to develop as people, make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.