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Child Safe Scouting

The safety and wellbeing of the children in our care is our number one concern and priority. As a thriving, modern organisation, we strive to be vigilant in identifying and eradicating child abuse. Our policy is to report allegations of child abuse to police, and other child protection authorities.

If any such allegations are made, we report the allegations to the police and stand down any Leaders in respect of whom such allegations are made



Child Protection and Scout Leaders

Scouts requires all adults applying to join the Association to satisfy Working with Children Check (WWCC) arrangements; consent to a Police and Character Check as well as undertake a suitability interview by a local community committee. For many years all potential Scout Leaders have had to undertake a mandatory Police check.

All approved adult Leaders then receive comprehensive and ongoing training in dealing with children and the various aspects of Scouting. All Leaders must sign a document under which they agree to abide by a Code of Conduct, which incorporates important principles of Child Protection.

For more information see the Scouts Australia National Child Protection Policy.  In addition each state and territory has formal policies dealing with child protection and inappropriate conduct or behaviour.


Reporting Abuse in Scouting

You may wish to talk to us about abuse that has happened in Scouting.  We want to make sure we make this easy for you, even if the abuse happened a long time ago.   We care about all our members, no matter when they were in the Movement.

Please ring our National General Manager on 02 8440 5901 or email to  If for some reason the message goes to voicemail or to our reception, please leave a message starting with ‘I would like to talk to someone privately about what happened to someone I know at Scouts’ along with your name and contact number.   The call can then be returned to you on the same day, in a confidential environment, ensuring your privacy.

If the matter involves the safety of our youth members we will take immediate action.

Support for Members and Former Members

Once you have spoken to Scouts, there are a number of ways we can help you, depending on your particular circumstances. You may be asked to consider whether you want to meet face to face or whether you wish to be contacted by mail or email. If you would like to meet with Scouts you will be asked where you would like to meet and with whom.  We will respect your rights to confidentiality where we can, but in some situations, we will need to refer the matter to the Police to investigate.

We feel privileged when members and former members make contact to tell us what can be deeply personal information.  By telling us your story, you are contributing to our knowledge base, and can help us make Scouting safer for future generations.


Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy

The Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy was developed in conjunction with Childwise, and is regularly reviewed.  In addition to this Policy, each Scouts Australia State or Territory Branch has formal policies dealing with child protection and inappropriate conduct or behaviour.   The Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy can be accessed here.

Find Out More

To find out more about Child Protection, contact your State or Territory Branch.