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Scouting's latest digital tool, Scout Central is guaranteed to revolutionse the lives of Leaders and youth around Australia

Want to build quality programs in a few minutes? Want to record attendance and check your members' section register online? Want to be able to store all your Group information online? Want to find out and join in the latest Scouting activities around Australia? Best of all would you like to access all of this and more through a single system log-in?

Well it is now time to empower your life. The wait is over. Scout Central is finally here!

This revolutionary new tool will save you time, while making you more efficient and effective at delivering high quality programs and enjoying the game of Scouting, both as a Leader and youth member.

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So why is Scout Central so amazing?

Finally, the Section Register, roll book and program folder which normally live in one Leader’s briefcase are now going digital. Through Scout Central's Formation Home Page every Leader, for the first time, will be able to mark attendance and activities online, link them directly to the Award Scheme, and instantly access complete individual records.

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But Wait...there's more!

Every Formation also has their own online storage facility through the Scout Cloud, allowing them to store and share valuable information such as newsletters, notices, event photographs and training materials, all in one place.    

With the introduction of the innovative online pin board called Join in Adventures, Scout Groups can now share camps and other activities with youth and adult members across Australia, allowing members to find out and join in camps and activities either within their region or interstate. This will lead to fewer event cancellations and lowering overall costs.


And More!!!

The new Program Builder will allow Leaders and youth to seamlessly create detailed, quality programs, linked with the Scout Method, Award Scheme and Areas of Personal Growth, save and print them out in a few minutes.If you don't have time to build your program, through the Program Finder you can now select a program that suits your Group from thousands of quality programs from around Australia and the world.


In addition the exciting Scout Central 2.0 homepage will now feature a customised Scouting community newsfeed, which not only contains the latest National and Branch news but also award scheme ideas, photographs and new items from Scouting Groups across the country.


There will also be a Hall of Fame, allowing young people to gain recognition for the various awards they have achieved such as their Queen Scout Award, BP Award, Grey Wolf Award and much more. 

If that’s not all, through the new interactive Scout Wiki Leaders and youth across Australia can record and share over 100 years of collective Leader experience. Located at Scout Central or at, the opportunities for using and storing information on this resource are endless.


Best of all, this information is finally available in one place via a single system log-in, also allowing Leaders to complete their e-learning and do much more.

We could go on forever telling you how amazing Scout Central is...but why not find out for yourself?

Log on to  using your Branch name, Scout Member Number and password (use your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy if you don't have a password) and get ready for a new adventure!

Scout Central just the next stage of Scouts Australia’s Digital Revolution in the online and mobile space, aimed at making Scouting more efficient and effective for Leaders and youth around Australia.