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Youth Program Review

Youth in Development: ‘We’re Tired of Being the Topic, Not the Leaders’

How can young people influence more development decisions? This articles explains using 11 interesting arguments!


Recently the Guardian Newspaper published an article on how young people can influence developmental decisions in their local and broader communities. Read the article from experts on how to meaningfully involve youth in the decision making process.

As we are a part of a worldwide movement, the Scout program must look beyond Australia for cues to the direction we should be taking our youth development program. One of those places is the new World Scout Youth Involvement Policy which strongly supports the message within The Guardian’s article. For instance, it says:

“Scouting is a Movement of young people, supported by adults.; it is not a Movement for young people, managed by adults only. Thus, Scouting offers the potential for a learning community of young people and adults, working together in a partnership of enthusiasm and experience.”

And, a vision statement:

“Young people are empowered to develop their capacities for making decisions that affect their lives; and engage in decision making in the groups and institutions in which they are involved, so that they actively contribute to creating a better world.”

So, does a renewed emphasis on Youth Leading, Adult Supporting make sense to you? Should adults in Scouting really be called “Leaders”?

Consider how this applies to Scouts Australia now, and in the future. To find out our thinking, head here.