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Youth Program Review

Ground Breakers Start Trialling New Program Concepts

Our Ground Breaker Scout Groups have embarked on a new path as they trial the New Program Concepts. Their feedback will help to shape the future of Scouting for everyone.

A Ground Breaker (noun): an original idea, product, or the like that leads to or makes possible  further developments, growth, improvements, etc.”

Four Scout Groups are now the first in the country to experience how Scouting could look, feel, and sound with a new youth program. The Scout Groups, all from Victoria, are breaking ground by trialling, experimenting, developing, evolving and providing feedback on the New Program Concepts, contributing to nation wide consultation that is helping to shape the future of Scouting.

Starting from Term 3, 1st Hurstbridge, 1st Maroondah and Heathmont will join 5th/6th Central Moorabbin in trialling the New Program Concepts. At the start of June 2017, members from these Scouts Groups met with the National and Victorian Youth Program Review Teams to be inducted as Ground Breaker Scout Groups. The Induction Weekend was an exciting opportunity to update the Ground Breakers on developments that have been made since they participated in a New Program Concepts Workshop (content of this Workshop has remained nationally consistent since November 2016), and to learn how the Concepts can be introduced to youth members in an engaging way.

Over the course of a term, these Scout Groups will progressively introduce Concepts that will help sustain and grow Scouting in the 21st Century. These Concepts have been developed from Stages 3 and 4 of the Youth Program Review, and include the following:

  • Plan > Do > Review >
  • Challenge Areas
  • Program Essentials
  • Personal Progression Framework
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting
  • Symbolic Frameworks
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Project Patrols
  • Personal Journey resources
  • Internal Compass

This important Stage of the Youth Program Review will provide valuable feedback on the practicalities of the concepts for Scouting, while helping to shape the implementation of the new youth program for all Scout Groups across Australia. The feedback received from the Ground Breakers will be combined with the feedback received from Workshops to refine and modify the proposed program before a broader trial called Pioneers commences from November 2017.

More information on the developments of our program can be found here.