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Youth Program

You+Lead Development Program Takes Scouts on an Exciting Journey

In March 2017 Scouts Australia launched the first stages of its new Leadership Development Program, You + Lead. The program is a three-part journey aimed at delivering an outstanding platform for Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts, to develop themselves through learning about their own self, and then learning about how to lead others. The program follows World Scouting’s Youth Involvement Policy and aims to create more opportunities for our youth members to develop leadership, 21st-century learning and community engagement skills.

24 Scouts, Venturers and Rovers from across the country gathered in Adelaide for the first ever Lead pilot program which took place in October 2017. Lead is a week-long journey, building skills in teamwork, leadership, understanding others and understanding how they can help “Create a Better World”. It was a dynamic week of fun, laughter, tears and new learning as all participants went on a massive personal journey. For all it will be a week to remember for a long time.

You, the first weekend of the program was enjoyed by over 80 participants across 5 Branches. The focus was ‘self-discovery’ and how it is important to ‘know oneself’ before having the ability to support others. Topics included:

  • Laughter – How it makes a difference and creates a positive climate
  • Self talk – Developing a growth mindset
  • Gratitude – How gratitude builds happiness and success
  • Listening – the skills to be an active and attentive listener
  • Fear – How to challenge your fears and the impact fear has on our life choice

The Lead participants now form the You+Lead Alumni and are developing several projects on a variety of topics based around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals including youth mental health, food waste and sustainability, homelessness and more.

You+Lead will continue in 2018, with members of our Alumni assisting with both developing and running “You+Lead” in the coming years. The first step for interested applicants is to apply and participate in the branch led “You weekend”.

YOU+LEAD Participants

Watch out for applications at the end of the year for YOU courses that kick off around Australia from April 2018!