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Community Activities and Involvement

Have you completed or planned any Community Involvement with your Section?

Community Involvement is part of the activities of many Sections and Scout Groups. Scouting members are active participants in many community-oriented events occurring in March and April, including Clean-Up Australia Day, Harmony Day and ANZAC Day commemorations.

The Adventure Begins! Resource packs have been distributed to Scout Groups across the country to ensure all Groups have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Scouting. Considering the many community-based activities in March and April, now is a great time to explore Community Involvement, a part of the Scout Method.


  • Has your Section completed two Community Involvement activities?
  • What Community Involvement activities have you included in your programming?
  • When was the last time you explored the different communities around you?
  • How can you make your communities better, and how can you be better involved in the life of your local communities?

Can you answer the questions above? Hold a discussion at your next Section Council, then decide if you are ready to wear the Community Involvement scarf ring available from the Scout Shop.

Active Community Involvement might also enable you to register activities as Messenger of Peace projects.

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative encouraging members to become global active citizens and realise one of Baden-Powell’s visions for Scouting – to be a “Global Network of Service”. Through actions locally, nationally and internationally, Scouts and non-Scouting members are working together making a difference in the community, creating a better world.

Have you:

  • learnt about the Messengers of Peace initiative?
  • participated in a community involvement action organised with your Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit or Crew?
  • shared your actions online?

Make sure you register all of your Messengers of Peace projects on scout.org. Remember, you are eligible to wear the Messengers of Peace badge, and continue to demonstrate that Scouts are active global citizens!