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Lord Baden-Powell Society Jamboree Appeal

Young People are Counting on Your Support

Dear Members of the Lord Baden-Powell Society,

Over many years our members and supporters have been very generous in supporting our annual Jamboree Appeals.

We have used those funds as you’ve asked by distributing them to youth members in need. In 2016 we supported many youth members attend the 24th Australian Jamboree at Cataract Park, NSW.

Our Jamboree Fund Reserves are still lower than our intended target and we need your financial support so that we can help 300 Scouts attend the next Australian Jamboree in South Australia.


For many young Scouts attending a Jamboree, it is their first big adventure. Away from home for nine nights, having to manage and take responsibility for themselves, meeting new people from different cultures and walks of life and working in patrols to get the jobs done. The benefits and experiences from the Jamboree are endless and will be remembered by those young Australians forever.

Each Jamboree we are inundated with requests from families for assistance to send their young Scout to the next Australian Jamboree.

With just 7 months to go, we need to raise $100,000 to reach our goal.

EVERY dollar you donate goes directly to supporting a young Scout attend the next Australian Jamboree.

Your tax deductible donation to the Jamboree Fund will be greatly appreciated. Whatever the amount, it will go a long way to helping young Scouts in need to attend one of the greatest events and formative experiences of their young lives.

Yours sincerely,

David. W Jones AM FCA

Chairman, Lord Baden-Powell Society