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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Thanks for the Support!

Liam from Western Australia shares his adventure to AV2018, an opportunity provided thanks to the generous support of the Lord Baden-Powell Society and its members.


I had the pleasure of attending AV2018 in Queensland, including the Western Australian Contingent Pre-tour in Sydney and Coffs Harbour. Throughout this trip, I made some amazing friends who I am still in contact with today. The pre-tour provided the opportunity to make these friends, and to see some family who I haven’t seen in over a year!

I loved every second of the pre-tour – feeding sharks and stingrays in Newcastle, hanging out in the city, laughing at the incorrectly spelt names on our Starbucks cups, and dying my hair fluoro pink. We spent New Year’s Eve in Coffs Harbour where all the boys got our hair dyed different colours to welcome in the new year! On the 2nd of January, the real fun started! AV2018 had finally begun! I was in Unit 0702 doing the Get Adrenaline expedition. I met people from across Australia and they were awesome! For our expedition, we stayed at a local primary school for a week. On the first day, we went indoor skydiving which I had previously done on pre-tour and I was surprisingly good at it. The instructor taught me how to spin in circles and how to push myself forward to fly out the door much to my friends’ dismay. On expedition, we also had the chance to swim with sharks, zip line through the forest, ride in 4X4 mud trucks and take a ride in Jet boats.

I won’t get into all the activities that were on during the main part of AV2018, but all I can say is the parties were INSANE! I loved it and I wouldn’t have been able to experience all this without the grant, so on a final note; thank you to The Lord-Baden Powell Society for this opportunity.