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The SPICES of Scouting

The Six Areas of Personal Development

The Adventure Begins section challenge continues to create discussion and reflection in Scout Groups around Australia as we rejuvenate our fundamentals ready for the new youth program in 2019. Understanding the SPICES is a critical element to ensuring we’re prepared for the future.

Taken directly from the Purpose of Scouting, the areas of social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual make up the fundamental basis of a person’s character, making six areas in total!

The six areas come together into an acronym commonly known as SPICES. Scouting is about fostering personal growth in all six areas of personal development, and the concept of SPICES help us to remember those areas. The outcomes that are achieved in Scouting, the educational objectives, are summarised below. They are adapted for each section, based on each SPICES area.


  • Becoming aware
  • Interacting with others
  • Developing relationships and networks


  • Being healthy and fit
  • Being adventurous


  • Acquiring new information
  • Showing initiative
  • Being adaptable
  • Planning and reviewing


  • Developing Identity
  • Showing autonomy
  • Demonstrating commitment


  • Being emotionally aware
  • Expressing one’s feelings
  • Showing respect


  • Exploring beliefs
  • Stopping for reflection
  • Respect for others
  • Being thankful

Supporting Resources

To help your Section complete The Adventure Begins checklist, we’ve developed resources that help understand the SPICES at developmental levels. Download the “I Statements” to help understand how the SPICES are applied in each section. Through the Scouting program, young people should be able to meet all these outcomes, and can reflect on their learning and development.

Another tool to help youth members reflect on their development is the downloadable Review Tool. This tool helps Patrols of Scouts to consider their recent activities, and how they could incorporate SPICES that were not covered be added to the program.

Finally, the SPICES Playing Cards, available from The Scout Shop feature questions that can be used to facilitate reflection on achievements and development through the program, and across the Sections.