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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Steven Scuba Dives at AV2018

Steven’s trip to the Great Barrier Reef to Scuba dive was one of the many adventures offered at AV2018. Check out his recount below!


At the start of this year, with the help of the Lord Baden-Powell Society, I attended the WA Pre-Tour and AV2018. I enjoyed my time at AV2018, and find it hard to choose a favourite moment. I think I enjoyed the Big Banana the most since it had ice skating, toboggin, waterslides all in the one place! The indoor skydiving and the water ski park was great fun as well.

For the Venture, I enjoyed my expedition the most which was Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I have always hated going to the beach, but have found a new way to enjoy the ocean. I found the activity fairly easy, obtained my Scuba licence, and now want to continue scuba diving as a hobby.

Reflecting on my trip, I have gained many new skills and found new interests as a result of the Pre Tour and Venture activities. I thank the Lord Baden-Powell Society for helping me get there.