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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Thanking You For Supporting our Youth Members

The Lord Baden-Powell Society is able to provide grants each Jamboree due to the generosity of our Donor Members of the Society.

Our Members’ donations help provide young people experience new adventures and develop into constructive citizens. Whether it’s a ‘safari’ through a wildlife park for Joey Scouts, or a mountain trek in Nepal for Rover Scouts, we need to nurture and support this spirit of adventure for them to reach their potential as future leaders.

Your contribution to the Lord Baden-Powell Society Jamboree Fund provides the opportunity to foster this sense of adventure in the next generation of Australian young people.

In addition to the Jamboree, the Society will use the Fund to assist individuals and groups to take part in other local and major events such as the Australian Venture.

Help us to continue supporting and developing young people, who due to difficult circumstances would otherwise not be able to attend, by becoming a Member today or by making a one off donation.

Thank you to all the people who have kindly donated to help us reach our target. We are now very close, but still need an extra $2000.  Are you able to assist? Please do continue to donate as any additional funds raised will go towards the next Australian Venture or Jamboree. Thank you again for your support.