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Youth Program Review

The Youth Program Review was an adventurous journey to redefine Scouting for the 21st Century. Its plan to “imagine the possibilities” built on the strengths and traditions of Scouting to create a dynamic and innovative New Youth Program that is fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive.

The journey from Reviewing to implementing a New Youth Program

Since 2013, the YPR had a clear focus. “How can Scouting deliver a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive youth program, that is based on the fundamentals of Scouting, designed to meet the needs of young people in 21st century Australia?” After extensive research, consultation, and thousands of volunteer hours on a variety of topics, we’re now looking to the future of a fresh new approach to Scouting.

A majority of the Review’s work focussed on developing a “one program” approach that is a continuous and consistent journey through Scouting, from our youngest section to the oldest. We’ve taken a refreshed look at the personal development journey that Scouts will experience, and how we can ensure that participation in the Scouting program will ensure they become responsible citizens as members of their local, national and international communities.

The outcomes of the Youth Program Review have now been approved by relevant National Committees, and it’s now being introduced to Scout Groups around Australia with excitement and anticipation. After a massive launch party at AJ2019, the New Youth Program will begin being implemented at a Scout Hall near you. We’re excited to have you aboard for one of the biggest changes to Scouting in over 40 years!