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Two Million Scouts Expected to Take Part in JOTA-JOTI

 Two million young people from around the world are expected to take part in this year’s Jamboree-On-The-Air-Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTA-JOTI), the world’s biggest Scouting event. 


During JOTA-JOTI, which takes place this year from 19-21 October, Scouts and Guides will encounter numerous different languages and cultures in a worldwide learning experience that lasts all day and well into the night. 

Scouts use amateur radio, the Internet, and a wide range of other communication channels, including Morse Code, to connect with each other over the weekend. The initiative helps to promote cultural awareness, develop tolerance, and enhance sharing, collaboration, and teamwork. 

Some 20,000 licensed amateur radio operators put 12,000 radio stations on the air using state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, 19,000 locations will operate Skype, internet message boards, and a wide variety of social media. JOTI Radio and JOTI TV will be live on the web and will broadcast interviews with leaders from the World Scout Committee, the Movement’s decision-making body. 

The event is designed to make participants feel that they are truly part of a global Movement. Whatever their age, religion, colour, ability, or disability, everyone can join this annual travel-free Jamboree wherever they are in the world. JOTA-JOTI is always held on the third weekend of October.