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Inspirational Journey for a Good Cause

Tasmanian Scout Planning World Record Attempt for Youth Suicide Prevention

Tasmanian Venturer Scout, Bob Bramley, is preparing for his world record trip that will see him become the youngest person to circumnavigate Australia solo by plane.


Setting off in January 2019, Bob Bramley, 16, will use his world record attempt to raise awareness about youth suicide prevention by working in partnership with beyondblue. After almost losing two very close friends to youth suicide and depression in 2017, Bob’s motivated to help spread the message about positive mental health right around the country.

“Youth suicide prevention is an issue very close to my heart. A lot of people are afraid to talk about suicide and depression and don’t know what to do or who to turn to,” Bob said while preparing for his journey.


“Talking to your friends and family and asking them if they are okay can make a huge difference.”

The world record attempt will take him on a 13,000 kilometre journey to 30 communities across Australia. His flight, dubbed ‘Surviving Turbulence’, will start from Devonport Airport in January 2019, with the trip expected to take three weeks.


His flight was made possible through a generous $15,000 donation from Westpac and all funds not needed for the journey will be donated to beyondblue.

Bob gives a further big “ thank you” to other Surviving Turbulence supporters including Elders, Woolworths, Bunnings Warehouse, Elphinstone Group, OzRunways, Xpress Signs and Tasmanian Clothing Company.

He also thanked his friend and Hobart pilot Oliver O’Halloran, who set the record for circumnavigating Australia solo and unassisted in 2017.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 to 44 and accounted for more than a third of deaths for people aged 15 to 24, according to a 2018 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

As the Tasmanian State Coordinator for Scout Air Activities, Bob’s passion for aviation is strong. Bob developed the first aviation training program for Scouts in Tasmania, helping to “show that we’re not all about the traditional Scouting activities. We’re trying to branch out and seek new ways of having adventures.”

You can follow and support Bob’s journey on Facebook, or via his website.