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Digital Scouting

Scout Central Upgrades

We’ve listened to our Scout Central Users and recently made some exciting and practical changes to enhance the usability and functionality of the system.


Scout Register Enhancements

  • Both Youth and Leaders are now able to export a PDF of their award scheme progress to use in support of peak awards.
  • Leaders are able to distinguish when a badge has been achieved and when a badge has been presented.
  • Leaders can view and mark off presented badges in a table showing all outstanding badges in the formation.

User Suggested Enhancements

  • Programs have default start and finish times now based on previous meeting durations.
  • A “Mark All” option is available in register sheet now to mark attendance.

Manual Member Add

  • This feature allows Leaders to create temporary members in situations where new members join and members link between Sections, but a record has not been set up or transferred to the section yet.
  • All temporary members expire after a given time (outlined on a Branch by Branch basis) unless they are joined to an official record (automatically or manually).
  • This feature will be enabled on a Branch by Branch basis.

Leader Personal Program Archive

  • Leaders now have an additional tab under “About Me” called “My Programs.” This is a collection of all programs a Leader has contributed to the creation of, including current and previous appointments.
  • Leaders are able to view all programs in their “My Program” page.
  • Leaders cannot currently copy them back into a new program, but can use them as a reference.

Scout Central Support Videos

  • Support videos for the Progress Chart and Program Builder have been updated.