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Our New Youth Program

A Deeper Dive into The Outdoor Adventure Skills

As you might know, the Outdoor Adventure Skills are one component of the Achievement Pathways in our New Youth Program and will open a whole world of new opportunity.


The Outdoor Adventure Skills framework promotes youth members’ exploration of, and progression through key outdoor pursuits. Designed for all ages and abilities, the Outdoor Adventure Skills reinforce what Scouting is well known for, and compliments other personal progression opportunities provided by Scouting.

This innovative framework has nine broad activity streams, ranging from Bushcraft and Camping, through to more specialised activities such as Cycling, Vertical and Aquatic. There are 9 developmental stages within each stream, 23 activity streams in total which our youth members are encouraged to explore. They support a youth member’s pathway to learning the Outdoor Adventure Skills, and to help track skills that have been mastered, and those that are still developing.

The Outdoor Adventure Skills have been extensively reviewed and developed using critiques from adult Leaders qualified in Adventurous Activities. Currently, the Outdoor Adventure Skills are being utilised by Scout Groups in all eight Branch’s across the country and as more groups throughout 2019 move to the New Youth Program, roughly 30% of our country’s young people will exploring the adventures to be had in Outdoor Adventure Skills by the end of the year.