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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Thanks to the LBPS For Getting Us To AJ2019

For a lot of young people, attending a Jamboree is a pinnacle moment in their Scouting journey. Thanks to the Lord Baden-Powell Society, these young people were able to attend AJ2019.


To Our Generous Supporters of the Lord Baden-Powell Society,

There are many types of people in this world. The rich. The poor. The brave. The faint-hearted. The selfish. And the selfless just to list a few. 

People such as yourselves do so much for the community. You are selfless and kind. You give to others because it feels right and not because of personal gain. You give help to so many Australian people and groups from all different places and with very different lives. The help you give to everyone is amazing and truly inspiring.

It is because of the support we were given by you and people like yourselves that we were able to go to South Australia for the 25th Australian Jamboree.

This once in a lifetime opportunity was amazing. We were able to do so many things that we will most likely never do again, such as flying a glider, rowing a dragon boat and doing the high ropes. We also made so many new friends who will hopefully be our friends for life.

Thank you for all your support and helping us get to Tailem Bend in South Australia for the 25th Australian Jamboree.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca, Oliver and Natalie

From QLD

The certificate sent with this heartfelt letter