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Scouts and Drought Relief 2019

A Chance to Design Our Next Drought Relief Badge

In 2018 Scouts raised an amazing $16,365 for Buy a Bale, to help farmers who are impacted by drought. This year, we’re helping out again.

Many farmers and rural communities are still battling the most crippling drought in decades, and funds are needed for meaningful support. This includes hay and feed, water, helplines, volunteers and counselling. The money raised is spent in rural communities extending the impact of cash donations. To see how widespread drought affected areas are throughout Australia, visit www.buyabale.com.au

Scouts Australia will be developing a fundraising badge for 2019 and this year we are looking for your ideas! You could win a $50 Inspire Apparel Gift Card for use on scoutshop.com.au

Entries must be received by Friday 10th May. Badge size can be either round (7.5cm diameter) or rectangle (9 x 6cm) and must be 10 colours or less. Please send designs through to Alana Hogan via email.