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Landcare and Scouts Working Together

We Want to Hear About Your Landcare Involvement as We Prepare to Celebrate 30 Years of Landcare

This year, Landcare Australia are celebrating their 30 year anniversary of helping to care for our country. We’re looking for your stories to help promote the good work of Landcare as well as Scouting’s involvement.


In 1989 on July 20, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced that 1990 would be the Year of Landcare, and the 1990s the Decade of Landcare. This was also the year that the not-for-profit organisation Landcare Australia was formed.

Scouts Australia and Landcare Australia have a strong and long-running partnership, based on the common value of environmental sustainability. Many of our Scouts have volunteered with their local Landcare group and achieved the Landcare badge.

During Landcare’s 30 year celebrations, we’re looking to hear stories from the Scouting community about local Landcare projects you’ve been involved in. We’re excited to hear your success stories from the incredible work that has been achieved during the past three decades, and the contribution Landcare will continue to make to our environment and communities in the future.

Your Landcare Story Is Important

As community partners, we’re helping Landcare Australia in curating stories that exemplify the Landcare ethos. Your stories are important for raising the awareness of the how Landcare and the Scouting community have shaped Australia and why it is integral to our country’s future.  

We are looking for stories that demonstrate positive outcomes for the environment and community. It could be about any Landcare project that has happened anytime during the last 30 years. 

If you have a story about a Landcare project or person that has made – and continues to make – a difference to the environment and local community, please contact Christina Gretton at nat.commspublishing@scouts.com.au or 0437 012 857.  We’re extremely keen to hear from you,  and also ask you to please spread the word to any former Scouts who may have worked on Landcare projects over the past 30 years.