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Memorable Ceremonies

Scouts Abseil Into Sea Cave and Welcome New Adult Leader to Unit

When welcoming new members into a Section, or celebrating successes like Peak Award presentations, Scouts often like to make it special for everyone involved. But this Venturer Scout Unit has taken their ceremonies to the next level!


Normanhurst Venturer Unit from NSW Branch are known to be an adventurous bunch. Their expeditions are usually full of fun and challenge, and their latest excursion was no different!  

Ninety minutes north of Sydney lies a little known sea cave. Referred to by locals as Pinny Sea Cave, access to the hidden sea cave is by abseiling 20m down into the water, followed by a 50m swim into the cave. To exit out, a caving ladder has to be lowered down over the slippery rocks. 

After abseiling down and landing on the rocky beach inside the cave, the Unit welcomed their new Adult Leader, Rikki, to the Unit. What made this investiture even more unique was using a helmet instead of the Unit’s flag to avoid damaging it from the salt water. The Unit thought this was the perfect substitute that represents their adventurous nature perfectly.

As a Group that is implementing the new youth program, they found this event fitted into the new program easily.  Jacob, one of the Venturer Scouts from the Group, organised the adventure for one of his Achievement Pathways “Milestone Leads”.  Supported by abseiling qualified Guides, he managed the logistics, equipment and some elements of the risk assessment to ensure the experience ran safely and successfully.

Next time you’re planning a ceremony, consider how you can make it that little bit extra and memorable for everyone involved. Maybe it might be in a unique or location special to the individual, or maybe you could hold it somewhere visible in the community.