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Resilience Survey

Questions and Answers on the Scouting and Resilience Survey

What is resilience?

Resilient Youth, the organisation that is conducting the survey on behalf of Scouts Australia defines resilience as the ability to draw upon the strengths within yourself and around you to flexibly respond to life while remaining true to yourself and creating positive relationships with others.

Why is Scouts Australia doing the Resilience Survey?

We often speak about the contribution of Scouting to building resilience in young people, but to date, haven’t had the evidence to support this. The Resilience Survey will help Scouts Australia show the positive contribution of Scouting to society, and also potentially identify areas where we can improve the program to maximise our positive impact.

Who can do the Resilience Survey?

The Resilience Survey can be done by current youth members of Scouts Australia in the Cub Scout, Scout,  Venturer Scout and Rover Scout Sections.

What kinds of questions does the Survey ask?

The Resilience Survey asks young people 60 multiple choice questions about their lives in and out of school. The survey asks young people about their thoughts and feelings related to school, family, friendships, community and themselves.

What are some example questions?
  • Do you feel safe at school?
  • Do you have two or more groups of friends?
  • Do you have an adult in your life who listens?
  • How many times have you been bullied in the last 12 months?
Why are there no Scout specific questions?

The survey is standardised and designed to compare Scouts with a broader national population dataset – not one designed specifically for Scouts. Therefore, it does not ask questions in relation to experiences within Scouting.

How long does the Resilience Survey take to complete?

The Resilience Survey takes about 30 minutes to complete online.

When can we do the Resilience Survey?

The Resilience Survey will be open from Monday 24 June 2019 to Wednesday 31 August 2019.

How do I access the Resilience Survey?

The Resilience Survey can be accessed at ry.org.au/scouts/

Can the survey be done on a smart phone?

Yes, internet connection is all that is required (and the log in details of course). So the survey can be completed on any internet connected devise eg smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

Does the survey require parental consent?

The survey is anonymous and it is not compulsory. Anyone may withdraw from the survey at any time.

Has Scouts Australia supplied my child's personal information to Resilient Youth?

No. Resilient Youth will only receive the anonymous survey responses completed online by youth members. These will be analysed and compiled into a report which will be provided to Scouts Australia.

Are individuals identified in the report?

No. All survey responses are anonymous and respondents non-identified. The Resilience Survey is a cohort-based analysis only. All Scouting members use the same login details, ensuring confidentiality to encourage honest and open responses.

How is the survey data stored?

The survey data is stored in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, which recommends a minimum retention time of five years. The Resilience Survey is anonymous, cohort-based and collected data is strictly non-identifiable. For further clarification please contact us.