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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Blake’s AJ2019 Adventure

Blake from WA had an incredible adventure to the 2019 Australian Jamboree earlier this year! Take a read of his story here.


The Australian Jamboree in January 2019 was a great time. At AJ2019 there was a lot of fun stuff to do and my favourites were, The Cube, Allawah Mall and badge swapping. It was a good time. At The Cube there was a climbing wall, abseiling and part of The Cube had different activities like the ‘mud activities’. To describe the mud activities, ……….. well it’s just mud. There’s the Mud Pole where two people sit on it and try to knock the other person off, and there was also the Mud Pool where people can just do stuff in a muddy pool of water.

Badge swapping was great too! You could go around the entire AJ campgrounds and swap badges with other Australian Troops to get their home troop badge. Also there were District and Contingent badges to collect. I managed to collect all 16 WA troop badges, as well as all the contingent badges for the Australian States and Territories.

During my time at AJ2019, I learnt that you can go 11 days without doing any washing! I also learnt you can survive even when your food is covered in dirt. All the time!!! I also saw my first dust tornado which went from the toilets block right up to our tents and then vanished.

The funding I got from the Lord Baden Powell Society helped me get to AJ2019, and if I didn’t go I wouldn’t have had such a great time. AJ is a big milestone in my scouting life and I will always remember AJ2019.

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