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Citizen Science in Your own Backyard – Join the Bird Count

The #AussieBirdCount is a citizen science initiative and a great way to connect with the birds in your backyard – wherever your backyard happens to be.


Scouts from across Australia have been joining in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count for many years – it’s a great chance to get into the outdoors, use some STEM skills, and do your bit for the environment. The next event will be held from 21 – 27 October 2019, so there’s plenty of time to get involved.
Check out the website for information, and what you need to join in. You may even consider running an activity with your Section before then to equip and encourage other Scouts to get involved. STEM and the outdoors are key elements of our program, and the Backyard Bird Count combines both of them perfectly!
Smartphones have opened a new world for citizen science. They allow us to use applications that give us tools to conduct science in the field, even if you have little prior experience. With spring arriving, it’s a great time to be getting outdoors more, and an active time for many plants and animals.
To support your Bird Count, there are many great resources on the web, including examples of Scouts who have conducted BioBlitzes previously. You can read more on how to conduct a BioBlitz here. The Atlas of Living Australia, who collect a lot of this data for use by scientists, policy makers and general public, have created a website so you can find out about BioBlitz projects and list your own one here
If you would like more information on citizen science options in Australia, visit citizenscience.org. Please make sure you share your citizen science adventures with the Scouts Australia Environment Program Facebook page, or in the Scouts Australia Facebook group.