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National Scuba School a Success

In July, 20 Scouts headed North and spent a week exploring the Great Barrier Reef while learning new skills and developing confidence in Scuba diving.

Except below from PADI, the world’s leading scuba diver training organisation:

Scouts Australia provides an opportunity for young people to get outdoors and experience a wide range of activities from which they can choose to seek fun, excitement and adventure. Recently the adventures offered by Scouts has expanded to include scuba diving as part of offering a wider array of activities to the Scouts. All of a sudden we have a program that is exciting, yet it also provides an opportunity to enter a whole new realm where brightly coloured corals, fish, rays and whales await, enabling us to leave the mundane behind and enjoy something very magical to explore. In order to supercharge the launch of diving as part of the new program John Pring, a PADI Instructor from the ACT, organised the first Scout National Scuba School.

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