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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Toby’s Trip to AJ2019

Toby from WA took a trip to AJ2019 at the start of this year, with his trip supported thanks to the generosity of the Lord Baden-Powell Society.

Dear Lord Baden-Powell Society,

Thank you for giving my family some help to pay for the Australian Jamboree.  Without it I would not have been able to do great activities like Metro Mania and the Cube.

Metro Mania involved going into the centre of Adelaide with my Patrol and exploring the city. Whilst doing it, I went to amazing places like the Aviation Museum. At the Aviation Museum, I looked at amazing planes and helicopters, learnt about how they progressed through the years, and took many, many pictures. I also took the train to a park and hung-out with other Jamboree Scouts.

Another activity that wouldn’t have been possible without the help the Society provided was The Cube. The Cube was an onsite activity. It was lots of fun and gave my Patrol the chance to do things like crate stacking, abseiling and climbing difficult rock walls. There was also a mud run and mud pool. Both of them were very messy but lots of fun!

Something that I had never seen or even heard of before the Jamboree was ‘Land Sailing’. When I first heard about it, I couldn’t wait to give it a go! Once I finally reached the front of the line, I hopped into the boat where it shot up and down the track. It was an amazing experience and is something that I would love to do again.

Thank you very much for your financial help.



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