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Youth Program

This is our youth program…

With the release of this new video, we’re proud to share the highlights of our new youth program. Watch the video, and share it on social media from here.


In January 2019 we launched our new youth program at AJ2019. The National Program Space was a hive of activity, information and learning as we shared what the future of Scouting will look like. 

To demonstrate the youth program’s power in fostering the development of young people, through adventurous, fun, challenging and inclusive programs, we’re excited to launch this new video for you to share.


One Program, One Journey

This video represents all that is unique about the youth program currently being implemented by local Scout Groups across the country on an agreed schedule. 

The program is built on a ‘one program’ approach, where the journey is one continuous, consistent and familiar experience, with more and more challenges and exciting opportunities along the way. We all know the transitions from one age section to the next can be a difficult time for many Scouts; and we also know how valuable it is to support them through these transitions to the sections beyond. This is why the ‘one journey’ philosophy is such a critical concept of the new program, and why it underpins so much of what Scouting will be into the future.

One journey is the term used to describe the Symbolic Framework, the element of the Scout Method that ties the section journey together. It reminds us that every Scout is on a pathway of personal progression. 

So what are the quick take-homes of ‘one journey’ and its influence on Scouting?

  • There’s more of a focus on each Scout’s individual pathway.
  • Each age section doesn’t have its own separate program; it’s one program, with familiar experiences and new developmentally appropriate challenges.
  • It provides the Symbolic Framework that sets the tone for each section and the adventures to come after progressing.

Using The Video

With the release of this new video, we’re encouraging Scout Groups to share and spread the message that “the future of Scouting starts now”.

Some ways you could use this video:

  • Share to your Group social media pages.
  • Download and share at your Group’s Annual Report Presentation.
  • As a celebration to begin your Group’s transition journey to the new youth program.
  • In your Scout Group’s welcome package.
  • As an engaging overview of Scouting – for local politicians, businesses or communities groups you’re looking to partner with.

Joining the Journey

Around Australia, Scout Groups are embracing the one program, one journey philosophy. In NSW alone, 30% of Scout Groups have been trained and transitioned onto the program. This is a similar story around the country, with all other Branches implementing aspects of the program in a process tailored to their needs and resources. 

For more information on how to experience the future of Scouting, head to our website

“We’re all Scouts. And this is our program.”

Want To Know When You Can Join The Adventure?

  • Australian Capital Territory – please contact your Branch Implementation Commissioner (Brent Juratowitch) or Branch office for further information.
  • New South Wales – Click Here
  • Northern Territory – please contact your Chief Commissioner (Nichole Vincent), Branch Implementation Commissioner (Chris Wise) or Branch office for further information.
  • Queensland – Click Here
  • South Australia – Click Here
  • Tasmania – please contact your Branch Implementation Commissioner (Greg Boon) or Branch office for further information.
  • Victoria – Click Here
  • Western Australia – Click here