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Diverse & Inclusive

Harmony Week 2020

Harmony Week is an opportunity to be proud of our diverse and inclusive movement. Join the celebrations this March with these suggested activities.


Harmony Week 2020 is on 15th – 21st March 2020. It coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21st March.

Harmony Week is about coming together to celebrate the cultural diversity in your area and spreading the message that ‘everyone belongs.’ This is a great time to celebrate and learn about the cultural diversity in your Group, and reinforce messages that everyone is welcome.

During Harmony Week, run a program activity related to learning about or celebrating cultural diversity. Some program areas are:

International Food Night

Cook a traditional food related to one of the cultures represented in your Group or area (or go out to a restaurant from that culture). While you are eating it together, learn about its origins and when/how it is traditionally eaten.

International Night

For younger sections, hop on board a (pretend) plane and visit 3 to 4 countries throughout the night, stopping to do an activity at each one. You could learn a dance, make a costume, each some food or play a sport related to that culture. Make passports to be stamped at each country as you go.

Family Diversity Museum

Ask members to create a pop-up museum by bringing along objects that are important to their families cultural background. Members can then run tours and share the stories behind the objects they have brought along.

Learn a Cultural Dance or Exercise

Organise to have someone come along and teach a cultural dance or excersise (Irish dancing, the New Zealand Haka, Tai Chi etc)

Welcome to Country

Invite an indigenous elder from your local Aboriginal or Torres Straight islands group to come and perform a ‘welcome to country’ ceremony.

Guest Speaker

Invite an immigrant or refugee to share their story of their journey to Australia.