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Helping Our Community

Results of our 2019 Drought Relief Fundraiser

In July 2019, Scouts Australia began selling the 2019 Drought Relief Badge to help impacted communities through this prolonged period of drought. In late December, all badges had been sold, raising a total of $6213. These funds have now been directed to Buy a Bale to help with the purchases of:

  • 1 truckload of hay
  • 11,500 litres of water
  • 2 x small bales

Many farmers and rural communities are still battling the most crippling drought in decades, and funds are needed for meaningful support. This includes hay and feed, water, helplines, volunteers and counselling. We are extremely proud that during times of crisis, Scouts are there to support our communities that we live and Scout in.

If you wish to make a further donation please head to Buy A Bale.