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International Women’s Day

Karly Walden – SA

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the stories of women in Scouting and the contribution they make to our movement. Karly Walden is one.



Rover Scout


Scout, Venturer Scout

What Brought You Into Scouting?

My younger brother! I was tired of being dragged along to Cub Scout events and not knowing anyone my own age, so I joined the Scout section and haven’t looked back.

What Keeps You In Scouting?

I love the community, foundation and values of Scouting. Remembering the core reasons why I love Scouting keeps me involved and active.

What’s the best thing you’ve done in Scouting?

I believe taking on leadership opportunities as a Scout (Patrol Leader), Venturer Scout (Chairman) and Rover Scout (Unit Leader) with minimal experience prior has been the best part of my Scouting journey.

Would you recommend Scouting to other women and why?

Yes, women will benefit from Scouting just as much as men. Scouting provides a supportive environment for women to explore their ideas and leadership, and have a great time doing it!

What do you think is the most important thing that women can bring to Scouting?

I think women can bring diversity to Scouting. The Scouting community wouldn’t be what it is today without people contributing their diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, age and gender.

What do you do in life outside of Scouting?

I am a university student and spend most of my spare time hiking with my dog, Cody.

Who is your female ‘hero’?

I look up to my Mum as my female role model and hero.

Do you have any other ‘heroes’?

My Dad would be another hero of mine.

Do you have a personal philosophy that motivates you?

I live by many different ideals, and to summarise: form genuine connections with people, live authentically, make the most of opportunities and show gratitude.