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Scouts Australia Response to COVID-19

Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic Scouts Australia, and our eight Branches, have been working collaboratively in closely monitoring the situation to ensure we take a calm, considered, and well-informed national organisational response.

Version Release: 8pm 15th May 2020 (International Travel updated 5 May 2020)

With regards to our current actions, it must be remembered that:

  • the health and safety of our members is paramount.
  • all Scouting Groups will be bound by, and adhere to, all directions of the respective State, Territory, and Federal governments.
  • requirements, directions, and advice may vary between States and Territories, and between geographic regions.
  • at all times the guidance and direction of Branches must be adhered to.
  • the Scouting program builds resilience in our youth and adults and by continuing the delivery of our program, we aim to create a sense of calm and normality as much as possible.

With this in mind, Scouts Australia has implemented the following measures:

  • All international travel on behalf of Scouts Australia is now suspended until 30 September 2020. In addition, travel to Pacific Island Countries is suspended until 31 January 2021. This includes all National Contingents, Branch Friendship Tours, Conferences, Workshops and Meetings.
  • All interstate domestic travel by Scouting members is suspended until further notice. In some States and Territories (as guided by the respective State/Territory Government) this may extend to intrastate travel.
  • Face to face delivery of the Scouting program may recommence, subject to State/Territory guidelines for the easing of social isolation restrictions being followed. Each Branch will provide guidance to its members about when and how this will happen.
  • Scouting in Australia will continue to follow the guidance of the Australian Government Health Department (AGHD) and the decisions of the Australian National Cabinet, as well as the recommendations and informed advice provided by State and Territory Health and Education departments, in relation to mass gathering limits, good hygiene, self-isolation, and social distancing.

During these challenging times there are four key items of importance for all our members to observe:

  1. Scouting is “open for business” – we are just delivering our program in different ways – including “Scouting @ Home”
  2. As we move to a mix of virtual and face to face delivery of the Scouting Program, all child safe practices are to be observed
  3. No youth member should be disadvantaged in achieving a Peak Award as a result of the suspension from face-to-face delivery – we need to be creative in our support
  4. It is natural for people to feel anxious about the events that are unfolding. Ensuring we focus on the mental wellbeing of all our members (and ourselves) is critical. If in need, please refer to Beyond Blue for further support

The medical and social response to this pandemic is changing quickly. Scouts Australia will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates.