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Scouting @ Home

Compasses and Navigation

What happens when a global pandemic limits face-to-face interaction? The Scouting community, globally, turns to Scouting at home.

Here at Scouts Australia, we have compiled a range of programs and resources to support Scouting as we work through the different phases of community and social distancing, and self-isolation.


Scouts are known for getting out and about, but how do we do this when we are limited in where we can go, what we can do and who we can go with? Members from across the country have pulled together programs to support navigation and compass work, starting with some basics.

These resources are best suited to youth members working on Stages 1 and 2 in Bushcraft and Bushwalking Outdoor Adventure Skills, and for Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts keen to improve their navigation skills.


Develop your navigation and compass skills, share with your Patrol, Unit and Leaders, and take steps towards achieving Stage 1 Bushwalking in the Outdoor Adventure Skills!

Completed these activities, or ones similar, whilst you have been Scouting @ Home? Submit them here so we can help share how you are keeping on Scouting whilst we ride the wave of this pandemic.


Show us how you Scout@Home