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Scouting @ Home

Planning and Programming

What happens when a global pandemic limits face-to-face interaction? The Scouting community, globally, turns to Scouting at home.

Here at Scouts Australia, we have compiled a range of programs and resources to support Scouting as we work through the different phases of community and social distancing, and self-isolation.


You’re not meeting face-to-face for Scouting yet, but what does your program look like and how are you engaging with the Scout Method?

We all acknowledge that it is important to keep Scouting for a number of different reasons, and part of that includes ensuring we are still enabling youth leading, adults supporting, even whilst Scouting virtually. A good starting point is for all youth members to be involved in the planning of their program. The resources included on this page are drawn from suggestions by 1st Cranbourne Joey Scouts, Victoria, Scouts Queensland, Scouts SA, Youth Program Implementation Teams and the National Youth Program Team.

Check out some of the planning and programming tools and templates, share them with your sections, and encourage the youth members to take ownership of some of their suggestions as you keep Scouting through 2020, virtually, and hopefully face-to-face later in the year!


Looking for a format to put your program into? We know that most of you already have standard templates that you use, but in case you are looking for something different or new to try, we’ve linked one here for you to use.

Show us how you Scout@Home