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Scouting @ Home

Science Action for all ages

What happens when a global pandemic limits face-to-face interaction? The Scouting community, globally, turns to Scouting at home.

Here at Scouts Australia, we have compiled a range of programs and resources to support Scouting as we work through the different phases of community and social distancing, and self-isolation.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – STEM. An initialism that is increasingly appearing in the common and educational vocabularies.

This is a term we are increasingly hearing in our communities, and it is an important component of the strategy to support Australian young people in exploring broad and diverse opportunities for future studies, employment and careers.


Scouts across Australia have run, and continue to run, initiatives around science in Scouting. Technology forms part of our daily lives, and none more so than right now, with working, Scouting, and schooling all operating in the digital sphere to support social distancing restrictions across the nation. We are the ultimate engineering apprentices, with constructions and pioneering featuring throughout our program for the past 110 years, and, as much as some of us would like to challenge it, none of this is possible without a knowledge of mathematics.

Are you an amateur astronomer in the making? Keen to explore the chemistry of the kitchen? Have a desire to be a species detective? Engaging in STEM is a great start, and what better time to commence a journey than through some activities while at home!

STEM has been, and continues to be, part of the Scouting program. As we continue changing the way we operate in modern society, now is as good a time as ever to engage in STEM programs and activities whilst we Scout at home. For those travelling down the path of transitioning Scouting programs, STEM and Innovation forms one of the six Special Interest Areas, enabling Scouts to set goals and pursue ideas that could be beyond some of our imaginations.


Kate Lehane is one of, if not the, mastermind behind SciScouts, especially in the ACT. Through her passion for all things science, she has built the SciScouts program to provide opportunities for Scouts of all ages to try different areas of science. Kate has brought together a range of opportunities and links to encourage Scouting members of all ages to engage with the chemistry of the kitchen, astronomy, environmental science… really, anything and everything STEM. Thanks Kate for these ideas – we hope you all enjoy them!

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