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Youth Program

User Testing Our New Digital System

Development of our new digital system takes a significant leap forward with user testing providing valuable feedback on the next stages.


The development of our dynamic and interactive new digital system progresses, with the first round of user testing taking place last month.

In a significant step for the new digital system, planned for release in July, the first end users have had the opportunity to see and experience the benefits that will come from our new online tool. Before social distancing restrictions, Victorian based Scouts took part in a group session facilitated by our system developers. These Scouts were the first to click, drag, upload and navigate the yet to be completed digital system. During this session, our developers guided the Scouts through the online tool and asked them to do specific tasks. Such processes included logging in, navigating to a particular page, and entering Achievement Pathways. During and after each simple task, the facilitator would observe and ask questions about the experience. These comments, reactions and experiences of the users are being incorporated into the development to ensure our new system meets the needs of youth, adults and supporters.

​Within the next couple of weeks, we’re excited to be gathering the thoughts of more Scouts. With the new digital system getting closer to finishing, our expanded user testing will provide us with more feedback to shape the final stages. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve altered this next round of user testing to be conducted virtually. Our developers are confident online user testing will generate the same benefits, while allowing the launch schedule of the system to continue without delay.

While you continue Scouting @ Home, we’ll continue the development of an online, engaging and intuitive digital system. Our software developers and creative minds are busy working remotely and collaboratively to ensure this system supports our Youth Program. The digital system is expected to be finalised and ready for launch across Australia in July this year.