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Youth Program

Multinational Award Winners Two Bulls Developing Our New Digital System

We’re excited to partner with Melbourne based creatives, Two Bulls, to develop the new digital system that supports our Program.  

Throughout the development of our new Youth Program, Scouts Australia has been busy working behind the scenes to build a dynamic and exciting digital system to support program delivery. Our vision has been clear – to create the best personal progression and programming tool for youth members and adults. 

  • A tool that focuses on the creation and delivery of the youth program. 
  • A tool that youth and adults can easily use, both in the city and in the bush. 
  • A tool that empowers young people to take control of their Scouting journey

After an extensive, industry standard search for the best company to develop our digital system, we’re excited to finally announce Two Bulls as our successful developer. Based in both Melbourne and New York, Two Bulls ticked all the right boxes for our needs. 

  • They took time to understand Scouting.
  • We could see their passion for our Purpose
  • Their track record and list of achievements excited us. 
  • Their proposed product left us waiting for more. 
  • They told us the answers to problems our members face when using digital Scouting tools, and how we can improve them. 
  • Their solution delivered the criteria of our Business Requirements Document.


The record of achievement for Two Bulls is incredible, as is their client list. In 2019 alone, Two Bulls won multiple prestigious international industry awards from both the government and private sectors. 

  • Their most treasured is their 2019 Webby Award for Virtual Reality and 360 Video VR. 
  • Two Bulls is also proud of the 2019 National iAward for Best Consumer Product (Weyo Engine and Interactive 3D/AR/Content Platform) for their Wiggles and Sesame Street apps. 
  • These apps ranked top of the charts, proving their popularity and specialist knowledge of engaging mobile apps for young people. 

We also recommend you check out some of Two Bulls’ other previous work, which you might already use in your daily life. Amongst their work, 

  • TwoBulls developed an asthma monitoring mobile app AirSonea; 
  • a mobile app for depression suffers from BeyondBlue
  • the Digital Wallet for Service Victoria, 
  • and systems for Vodafone, Catch of The Day, and ANZ Bank also featuring on the list.

Working with our developer over the last few weeks, we have been inspired by their creativity, innovative problem solving and passion for this project. Their dedication, hard work and deep understanding on what Scouting does and why they all love to be involved is proudly on display. They’re talking our language, using our phrases, and challenging our ideals. There is strong collaboration between Two Bulls and Scouts Australia, which will continue until we’re happy with a digital system that’s right for our Program. Two Bulls are striving to create another award winning digital system.

Work continues to be delivered on schedule, with a launch planned for July.